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Master your job search by harnessing the extraordinary power of human connection.


Career Ecology

for Graduates

When it comes to the significant work of transitioning from school to professional life, we offer Career Ecology for Graduates.  This is an enlivened practice that guides graduates towards mastering their job search while uncovering their authentic purpose and place in life.

Career Ecology's full Grad Support includes:

  • Three Live Zoom trainings (T/W/TH @ 5:30pm, pst):

    • Tues: Resume & LinkedIn

    • Wed: Dynamic job targeting, sourcing, tracking – plus mindful practices that shape and activate an experience that feels natural, exciting and self generating.

    • Thurs: Mindful Interviewing Skills Training


Pricing is $135 for full Training and Tools

  • Resume Writing service is also available as an add-on for $100. This can be purchased separately in the Store.

Order Kit

feng shui your resume

A resume should invite and guide the reader through your story with ease. The Feng Shui Resume is a new progressive template design that includes a top profile page that draws in readers right away and tells the story of your journey and specialized skills.  Click HERE to see a sample! Remember, resume writing support is available as well. Order at check out and choose if you would like to support Reforestation or COVID relief as 50% of proceeds are donated to help the vulnerable.

biodynamic search tool

For a job search to be vibrant and successful, one needs to open themselves up to chance! If we pursue but one linear path, then we shut the door to co-creation and can get lost down the wrong path.  Growth is an outcrop of imagination and experimentation – so let's job search that way! With our Biodynamic search tool, you'll learn how to harness the co-creative universe in your search and thrive! This is a game changer! Training video and Google doc search worksheet are included.

heart compass decision tool

Deciding on a job offer or between two offers is a process that causes anxiety for most people – until they activate their personal heart compass and listen for the answer.  Our ego mind, left to its own devices, crowds out intuition, desire, and attraction.  But when we learn to analyze each option with our minds, then hold space for our hearts to choose – we live a life in alignment with our truth path.  And there is no regret ever when choosing to follow one's heart – only a life well lived.  

mindful interviewing 

The fundamental question that feeds our presence in an interview is, "How can I help you know me?"  When we interview from the heart, from a place of service, we crack open active listening and amplify meaningful connection. Interviewing falls painfully short for all parties involved when it becomes all about performance and competition.  We'll teach you instead how to interview from a place of presence and connection.  That way you can enjoy the process and find the place where you truly belong. 

conscious networking

Nature on Earth has evolved and thrived for over 4.5 billion years.  At the center of her success is collaboration and interconnectivity.  No one life form lives and thrives without the passive or active support of a myriad of other life forms.  As humans, we have much to learn about networking and collaboration from nature.  We've distilled a simple, yet enlivened blue print inspired from nature for weaving conscious networking and community into your life.








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