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Lori Wallace

Founder, Mentor

Leading to the creation of Job Hivery, Lori has served since 2005 as owner and operator of igMedical, a direct search firm serving the medical community of California.  As recruiter, Lori’s focus has always been on transforming job search from head hunting in to human connection. And now, the time has come to take this the final step – personal empowerment.   


“It's time to learn from nature and start cross pollinating - life just works better that way!” – Lori


Mother Earth

Founder, Life Catalyst

Mother Earth is the incubator and source of all life and we are in awe of her endless giving and support of our pursuit of joy and connection in this life.  We plant 50 trees in her honor for every person who journeys with us through Career Ecology.

“Life is not afraid of living.  Go for it!" – Earth


Susan Cunningham

Operations Catalyst

Susan is a natural at many things – especially the art of operations, flow and complex project management. Having served over 17 years in high level insurance operations, Susan's mastered bridging the gaps, problem solving and keeping everything in dynamic working order – just what a busy hive needs to serve her community!  Susan's passion is empowering others to live a life of purpose.  We are so thankful to have her heart in engaged in our meaningful work here at the hivery.

"Order and structure are everywhere in nature: the structure of a beehive, the transformation of a butterfly. It is time to let nature lead us through transitions and guide us to finding authentic and purposeful work." – Susan


Star Rose Bond

Coaching Catalyst

Star is a master coach holding an advanced degree in Social Work and Program Development from Columbia University. She is a professional Life Coach with a rich and diverse background in the field of psychology, human services and social activism. Star approaches coaching through an alternative model where she seeks to uncover the psycho-social and spiritual blockages that inhibit individuals from actualizing a life consisting of self-love, integrity, balance and purpose. She brings a radical authenticity and deep desire to serve to the inner workings of our servant hive.





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