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Lori Wallace

Co-Founder, Depth Mentor

Lori is the owner and executive recruiter of igMedical, a direct search firm serving the medical community of California.  As recruiter, Lori’s focus has always been on transforming job search from head hunting in to human connection. And now, the time has come to take this to the center of wellness – into the space of authentic relating and personal empowerment. When each person is free to bring their gifts, then the world harmonizes.

“It's time to shed the barriers that keep us from living the lives we've imagined.” 


Mother Earth

Co-Founder, Creator of Life

Mother Earth is the incubator and source of all life and we are in awe of Earth's endless giving and support of our pursuit for joy and connection to self and the world around us.  In gratitude, Change Eco donates to TreeSisters to plant 50 trees for every person who journeys with us through Career Ecology.

“Buzz, Hum, Splash, Creek, Swoosh" – Earth


Star Rose Bond

Coach & Clinical Licensed Therapist

Star is a master coach holding an advanced degree in Social Work and Program Development from Columbia University. She is a professional Life Coach with a rich and diverse background in the field of psychology, human services and social activism. Star lends her wisdom, expertise and intuition to our Conversations and we deeply served.





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